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My wife's FP-65 (barn find) is missing a few times.  For right now, the most critical is a set of original "Ignition Switches".  "Mag 1 & Mag 2"...

If anyone has a spare set and are not needed, please advise.

THANKS in advance!


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I have a pair of WWII era switches that have the phosphorescent bulbs on the ends of the levers that I used, but I had to use an adapter plate with them, as the hole pattern in the plate, up in the wingroot, didn't match.  I have another pair of switches, they're about 10 years old now, that I think has the right hole pattern for the plate...I'll have to check and get back with you.  I remember searching through a LOT of catalogs to find them, only to later go with the vintage ones. C'est les avions...

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