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Hello all, 

I am curious if anyone has a phone number or email address for Brad Rankin?  

I am looking to purchase a set of plans so I can reproduce the parts I am missing for my FP-65.  



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This email address is 11 years old, but you can try it: ranair@asde.net

The phone number for Rankin Airport in Maryville, MO is 660-562-7450

I’ve spoken with Brad a couple of times and he said he intended to go through and organize all the Porterfield documentation, drawings, etc. so he can better support us, but he’s been pretty busy trying to make enough money to stay ahead of the expenses involved in running a flight school and an airport (I guess he’s not one of those 1%ers).  If you call him, it may remind him again to start that effort...

It is my understanding that there is no “complete” set of drawings for the Porterfield. Many of the drawings on microfiche are either missing or too muddy to be of any use (I’d sure like a drawing of the auxiliary fin for the seaplane conversionthat old Joe was never able to locate for me).  The Rankins haven’t had wonderful experiences with selling drawings, either, so it won’t be high on their priority list.  Too many in the past have ordered drawings, Joe would find them, take them into town to get ‘em copied, then buy a tube and ship them out, only to be stiffed for all his effort and expenses.  If Brad is willing to help you out, please have him figure out what it will cost before he ships them to you and pay him before he ships them. At least this way he won’t get stiffed like his Dad did.

If Brad can’t help you out in a timely manner, post here what you need drawings for and maybe other members can help you out, as many of us have an assortment of drawings in various states of muddiness. Let us know what you learn from Brad!

Thank you for the fast response. 

I will try that phone number/ email address to see what I can come up with. 

I really just need drawings for the wings, and elevator trim system. 

I would love to get a hold of some of the seaplane drawings, and drawings for the type 2 landing gear.  

Have you been able to contact Brad Rankin, yet?

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