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I recently had a new engine mount made for my LC-65 in order to convert to a Continental 65hp engine.   Top quality work product approved by my IA and a second IA.  The manufacturer is not willing to part with the fixture, but is willing to make additional mounts for $1,700 per mount.  If anyone is interested please advise and I will put you in contact with him directly.


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My A&P just finished my mount and he might be willing to make another one.  Just let me know.  We just got it fitted to my fuse and my C85 is being rebuilt in the next few weeks.

I'd be very interested in hearing how this project progresses. Can you keep us updated?

Joe Casey


Sure thing here she is with mount on

So what did you determine were the dimensions for 2759-1 & 2? I am especially interested in the thickness of -1.

john elliott said:

Sure thing here she is with mount on

I will check with my mechanic who built the mount.  We did have to tweak them slightly to get the correct fit. Status update:  We have the rebuilt C-85 F mounted and exhaust fitted.  We are doing the ducting work and cowl adjustments hoping to run up next week.

Looking pretty good there, John!  Thank you for keeping up the momentum on your conversion project.  I take it this is a C85-8F?

Will you be using the mixture control?  I highly recommend installing a cable for it, if you haven’t already, and a CHT/EGT gauge.

That has to be the nicest Collegiate gas tank I’ve ever seen.

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