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Discussing various planes  with friends (all of us are part of the over the hill gang)

and a number of items came up during the discussion.  I mentioned that the PC

had a long wing and one of the fellows mentioned a term I had not heard before,

"Flying the Wing".  Seems that "early" (30's to late 40's) were given that term because of large wing spread and small motors.  They also tended to have good gliding ratios because of the unreliable engines of the day.   Anyone else ever use or heard of this term?

Question, the subject came up of wheel track of the PC.  Middle of tire to middle of tire.  Can anyone come up  with the measurement?  Not vital, just curious.


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Type A or Type B landing gear???


I am not sure, but I believe the question was about

a plane manufactured in 1940.



If you are getting this twice, it is because I have not figured out what

to correctly push yet.

I am not sure but I believe the question was about a plane 

manufactured in 1940.


I'll measure 41Vermont, though she's an early '41 FP-65 (s/n 875), she has the type B gear.


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