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We are wanting to take the door off the CS-65 for the hot days of summer. Does anyone know if it was certified with the door off. It had the floats on it many years ago so I'm sure it was. Looking for the paper to show if I'm ever questioned. Thanks!

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The previous caretaker of your wee lass sent me copies of all the paperwork he had relevant to the float installation. I don't recall anything mentioning the door being removed. There's no Minimum Equipment List for the Collegiate, so who's to say you can't fly with the door off? Try it and let us know how it goes. You wouldn't happen to have a drawing of the aux. fin?
It flies great with the door off,I've done it out of the grass strip, just concerned about the airport people. We've got some nosey ones. I am just more concerned with the legality of it all. I doubt I'd get questioned, but I'd rather not take that chance. I can check on that fun, but I haven't seen it, so I'm not sure. If Jim sent you all the drawings, you've probably got what we have. We don't have anything that he didnt. So as far as legality, if there wasn't a minimum equipment list, I should be good? Any paperwork to prove this?

That's one of the advantages of old, somewhat obscure airplanes, like our Collegiates: most people don't even know what she is, let alone whether or not she can be flown with the door off!  Since the door is located so close to the CG, there's no weight & balance issue.  If anybody asks, just say "yes, it's perfectly legal to fly the Collegiate with the door removed...it doesn't even require a logbook entry, but it does have to be factored into the preflight weight & balance calculation, just like fuel & baggage."

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