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Interested in what modifications are out there

Have been following (lurking) various Porterfield Collegiate pictures and have noted what looks like changes in the original plane.  IE--skylights, Continental engines of various hp, several types of tailwheels, some interior upgrades.

What else is out there?


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There have actually been very few major mods, Bill, mostly just the results of caretakers using their best judgment in fabricating owner-manufactured parts.  Some are accurate, following the factory prints, some are creative works of art, some are just cobbled together.  Thus you will see many layouts of instrument panels, shapes of throttle/fuel shut-off plates, cowl geometries and latches, wheel pants (Taylorcraft pants are close, Stinson pants are NOT), floorboards, electrical systems, landing lights in the wing, nav lights, avionics, skylight dimensions (they were available from the factory as an option), interior fabric, upholstery, baggage compartments, ignition systems, mag switches, push/pull controls and locations, tail wheels, tail brace wires, wheels and brakes, tail lift handle locations, and paint schemes. 

I don't recall ever seeing or hearing of a "PC" with any Continental larger than the A65, though.  Some CP-50's were upgraded to the A65.  My girlfriend was upgraded from a FP-65 to a Franklin 90 in the mid-50's by the late, great Angelo Forte, himself.  There is a forerunner of the Collegiate with an A75 that was actually a Model 35 Flyabout with a flat engine.  I know of only one still flying: she has a blue prop.  The factory drawings are still available from Joe Rankin, for a reasonable price, so anyone wanting a "PC" that is close to factory spec has a good resource available, but most of us just want to fly, as that is what "PC's" do best.

Soft landings,  Andy

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