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John Bentley's Collegiate project is posted on Barnstormers.com

PORTERFIELD 1941 • $13,000 • AVAILABLE FOR IMMEDIATE SALE 1941 CP65 Porterfield project for sale, Fuselage covered, tail feathers on, Scott tail wheel, new windshield, new nose bowl, A-65, prop, wings and ailerons rebuilt and ready for cover, wood leading edge, all logs..Call John at 541 318 8604..$13,000.00 • Contact John R. Bentley - BENTLEYAIR, Owner - located Bend, OR USA • Telephone: 541-318-8604 . • Posted May 17, 2017

John did a real nice job on all the hard stuff and even went with the original plywood leading edges.  Whoever buys this little girl will have a nice, affordable start to their own Porterfield adventure.

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