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John Bentley's Collegiate project is posted on Barnstormers.com

PORTERFIELD 1941 • $13,000 • AVAILABLE FOR IMMEDIATE SALE 1941 CP65 Porterfield project for sale, Fuselage covered, tail feathers on, Scott tail wheel, new windshield, new nose bowl, A-65, prop, wings and ailerons rebuilt and ready for cover, wood leading edge, all logs..Call John at 541 318 8604..$13,000.00 • Contact John R. Bentley - BENTLEYAIR, Owner - located Bend, OR USA • Telephone: 541-318-8604 . • Posted May 17, 2017

John did a real nice job on all the hard stuff and even went with the original plywood leading edges.  Whoever buys this little girl will have a nice, affordable start to their own Porterfield adventure.

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Hi John!

Do you still have your Porterfield for sale?  If so, do you have pictures of your Collegiate you can send me? 



Your post on Barnstormers is no longer available oh by the way...does that mean you have sold your a/c?

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