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LeRoy's Sweet Pea featured in this week's Barnstormers eFlyer

PORTERFIELD • $20,500 • MUST SELL 1940 Porterfield LP-65 Collegiate, TTAF 5395 Hr, TACH 1754 Hr., TTENG 3154.6 Hr., TSO 454 Hr., TSTO 112 Hr., Continental A-65-8F, Sensenich 7244 Propeller TSN 1756 Hr., Terra 720 Com Radio, CIR-11 ELT, Intercom, Must Sell, Health issue forces sale. The aircraft was restored in 1979 and covered with POLY Fiber process. Two 8.5 Gallon Wing tanks installed. Aircraft very well maintained and operated by owner A&P, IA, ASEMLG. For more information and details please call LeRoy Blum. 1-509-258-4543 between 6:00 pm and 8:00 pm PST. Asking $20,500 or make offer. • Contact LeRoy Blum, Owner - located Deer Park, WA USA • Telephone: 509-258-4543 • Posted June 15, 2016T

This is the first time there's been a "THIS WEEK'S PORTERFIELD" in an eFlyer.  There are pictures with the above ad that you can see on Barnstormers.com.  Sweet Pea is a very special girl, so I hope someone who appreciates her can afford to help LeRoy out.

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LeRoy has dropped his price down to $15K, which is a great deal, as this girl has two wings tanks, for better range, and a baggage compartment ahead of the instrument panel, which makes her ideal for cross-country plane camping, especially with that cruise prop!  She's also one of the nicest Collegiates flying.

Is the maintenance current on the aircraft? Whats the overall paint like? What days are you available to show the aircraft?

Welcome to our club, Liza!

For info on Sweet Pea, please call LeRoy Blum. 1-509-258-4543 between 6:00 pm and 8:00 pm PST  She's a lovely girl.  I've seen her at Oshkosh.

The only drawback of the Collegiate design is that it's not for big people.  If you and your potential passengers are under 5' 9" and 180 pounds, then you'll enjoy yourself.  Otherwise, it's a bit claustrophobic in either seat, ast the instrument panel is just above your lap.


Do you have pictures you can send me? I want to see interior and paint job please.

Liza Porterfield said:

Do you have pictures you can send me? I want to see interior and paint job please. And thanks fir replying so quickly; I appreciate it. I'm happy to be a part of this club too!

There may be some on the Club website, Liza, but I don't have any.  If you call LeRoy, I'm sure he'd be happy to email you some photos and also tell you about her and her mods.

Soft landings,


Ok thanks Andy!

Did you have any success with contacting LeRoy yet?  His Collegiate is the traditional red fuselage, silver wings and horiz. tail, with silver ball & stripes down fuselage

Club member Heather Greer is selling her grandfather's Collegiate rebuild project for $3K.  It's up in the LA basin somewhere: a bit closer to home.  She lives in Texas and can be contacted through the Club by sending a friend request.

If you don't mind traveling and blue is your favorite color, consider Jim Gooding's CS-65: the only factory seaplane in existence.  She's probably on skis right now, but comes with wheels (no Edo 60-1320's, though). I bet he'd take $12K for her.  Jim's son, Mike, is selling her.  Call him in Brockport (near Rochester), NY at 585-329-9634.

Hi Andy,

Work has been keeping me busy, but I plan on contacting LeRoy this weekend. I am interested in looking into his aircraft for sure. 

Thank you for sending me contact names for the other skinny planes to possibly purchase.  I'll be in Texas this weekend so I will contact Heather this weekend as well. 

Thanks again for all your input, I appreciate it.


Sweet Pea was purchased by fellow club member, Jim Mullin!  We look forward to reading about his many adventures with her and hope to see them at many fly-ins.

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