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 I am close to getting my 1940 Porterfield together to fly.  Aircraft Spruce doesn't list my application:  Lycoming O-145B engine and SF4 mags.  Does anyone have a valid part number for this harness?

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I may have an extra harness.  You still looking for one?  If so, I'll check.

Thanks, Perry, for your reply.  I ended up making up a set of wires using some I had removed from my Cessna a few years ago.  I was not pleased with the quality of terminal (plug end) I obtained from NAPA--but it was all I could find.  The commercial terminals of the old wires were definitely better constructed.  Just last Friday I ran the engine for the first time since I obtained the Porterfield to restore it.  It did miss on at least one plug.  I have not troubleshot it to determine whether it is a plug or wire.  So do I still need a harness?  Maybe.  Even if mine is OK for now, I may be interested in a better set than I made up.  Therefore I would appreciate your checking when you get the opportunity.  The plugs in my Lycoming O-145B are RHM40E. 


I have a new unshielded harness kit, AM-$, SF-4 I bought a year or so ago from Bob Hunt who got it from Fresno Air Parts in 2013, but then I came across a shielded harness so this one is available for what I paid for it -- $100 plus shipping which is probably $14 give or take.

If you are interested send me your email address to renovate@polestaraero.com and I'll send you photos.

It may be some time before I make a decision on my harness.  I am glad I have your contact information.  Certainly will communicate with you if I decide to replace mine.  Thanks so much.

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