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Does anyone know the designation for the wings used on the Collegiate?

IE the wings on a Piper Cub is USA 35 B.  What about the Collegiate?

Thanks in advance.   Bill

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The Collegiate has a modified (NACA/Munk) M6 airfoil.  The beauty of the M6 is that the CP moves forward when in a descending attitude and the CP moves aft when in a climb, producing a highly positive pitch stability.  The M6 worked so well for the early Porterfield Flyabouts, Ed decided to not experiment with the new NACA 23000 series when it was published in late '35.  Why Piper went with the USA series and many kept using the Clark Y...one can only assume ignorance of the M6 and later 23000 series was involved.

When Vern Payne built his Knight Twister in the early 30's, he wrote about it in a series of articles in a popular aviation magazine.  In his first installment, he praised the M6 while explaining why he chose it for his diminutive biplane.  Perhaps Ed & his engineers read & remembered his article...I don't know what airfoil the Wyandotte Pup had.


Thank You.


PS if you get multiply replys, please excuse, I am finding this page to be very awkward in sending.


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