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I have seen ads for PCs with wing tanks.  One is on the web page with two 8 1/2 gal. located in the wings.  From where can these be purchased,  different sizes, custom

made ??   Any information welcome.


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Wing tanks were never a factory option.  LeRoy Blum designed, fabricated, and installed an 8-1/2 gal. tank in each wing and removed the 13 gal fuselage tank, using the space forward of the instrument panel for baggage.  Glen Peck followed LeRoy’s lead but squeezed 10 gal tanks into his wing roots.  I tried to use their paperwork as a basis for my wing tank field approval, but the ignorant lads in the Boston MIDO couldn’t understand what they were looking at when I sent them my data pack (it wasn’t an airliner, a biz jet, or an executive helicopter, so they were afraid to deal with it), so they basically wanted me to draw the entire airframe into Solid Works and perform an FEA on it, just to prove a 1941 design could actually fly.  Of course, this was in 2004, long before Trump made America great again, so I’m sure your field approval will sail right through, no questions asked...

I was hoping to extend her range a bit, but decided it just wasn’t worth it.  I lean my Franklin 90 out and burn 3 gph, so that gives me a range of almost 400 miles.

You’re pretty much on your own with the design, fabrication, and installation.  A competent DER should steer you through the process and all the hardware will be represented as “owner manufactured parts” regardless of who actually does the work.

July 30, 2019


Thank you, interesting history.    10 gal, tanks  or even 8,5 should give more then enough range for someone like me.  I will try to follow through on this to find out what I can.


July 30, 2019-------------Wing tanks----

Tom Porterfield


Andy mentioned a Glen Peck, but I do not see his name on the membership.  Is he still around, if not what happened to the plane ??


Hi All !

Glenn  Peck is based at Creve Coeur Airport (outside of St Louis MO)  Identifier   1H0 

He has done work for my 1940 Porterfield NC32417 also based at Creve Coeur Airport

You can get his information from this link:


I know, I know that Creve Coeur is French for "broken heart"l

I am also looking for information on wing tanks as I am looking to upgrade to a C85 and can use the extra fuel capacity.

Check out FAA documents for N27242. The airworthiness records have drawings and load data for wing tank installation that was approved on that aircraft.  Great source of data I am using for mine.

How/where did you locate the FAA records for Glen’s Collegiate, or did you order the $10 CD for her?

I ordered the records online and got all airworthiness documentation.  Excellent drawings of what was done and gave my DER everything he needed.

Dec. 31, 2019


I will direct this question to you since you were the last to reply.

What is the capacity of the tanks in the plans?  8 1/2 gal. ?


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