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1939 Porterfield Collegiate CP-50 Project For Sale

 Asking $3000. My grandfather bought this plane in 1966. The logs show that it was last flown in 1961. I wanted to keep it after he passed in hopes that maybe one day I’d have the means to have it restored. Unfortunately, I’m having to sell it. The fuselage was recovered about 15 years ago and is being stored in the backyard under tarps at this time. The wings and tail feathers have always been garage kept.
Paperwork: I have the aircraft & engine log books, bills of sale, registrations, drawings/blueprints, newsletters, maintenance handbook and a more.
Engine: Continental A&C65
Frame hours: 2,242
Engine hours: 483
Serial #: 570
Location: Stanton CA (Anaheim/Socal)
I live in Texas and will be in the Stanton area to sell the plane March 11th-21st. I won’t be able to post better pictures of it until I get there, but if you are interested you can contact me with any questions.

Cell: 832-746-7644 Email: hgreer1234@gmail.com
I also have it posted on Barnstormers:

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Comment by Liza Porterfield on December 6, 2017 at 4:54pm

Hi Heather!

Do you still have this project in Anaheim?  I am in San Diego currently and would like to see the aircraft, parts,log books, and everything associated with it. Please let me know.  If you like you can text me or call me at 760-696-8826.



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