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At 2:41pm on April 9, 2022, Kenneth Biro said…

Thank you Andy we'll sure do that. We have a 1946 Aeronca Champ for sale with an 0-200 conversion If you know anyone that might be interested. We should have the annual done sometime within the next couple of months.

At 12:55pm on March 15, 2022, Roy Reeves said…

I agree, but did not know the statistic that 1 hour in a glider is better than 10 in a plane.  One of the things that draws me to the Porterfield is the lack of avionics.  As I have said, I loved my Cirrus, it was a great traveling plane, but it is designed to be "managed" not flown.  

I will look for private runway with hanger, had not thought about that as an option - though I don't know where one is around here.  Time to buy a sectional and start making calls I guess.

At 9:38am on March 15, 2022, Roy Reeves said…

Thanks for the info.  The one I am looking at (the one my daughter named "Olive" is the one in TJ Neff has.  Lucky for me, there is one for sale here in Texas - about 2 hours away but that is a lot closer than California.  I can at least get inside one and see if she fits.  My biggest problem, as I just discovered, is hanger space.  I have checked every airport in 40 miles and no one has hanger (not even patio) for rent.  I don't think a tube and fabric plane would hold up outside in Texas.

A CFI I know is also throwing a little ice water on the idea - I get that it does not have Artificial Horizon, VOR, etc.  So?  She can "learn to fly" not "manage" a plane.  My only complaint about the Cirrus I used to own - great traveling plane but it was built for a programer/manager, not a pilot.  

Then I do understand, if my daughter learns to fly by the seat of her pants, she may have trouble transitioning later since avionics are getting more and more complicated and more "legacy" planes are going partial glass.

At 11:32am on March 14, 2022, Roy Reeves said…

Thanks for the information.  I had noticed it is called "skinny bird" never really connected the dots.  There is or was one located about an hour from me, and you say one is in Bryan (as in Aggie-land"?)  I have a few friends who spent 4 years on the wrong side of the river (Sic Em' Bears) but it would be nice to have two Skinny Birds close to me to look into.  

I am only 5'10 and my daughter is shorter than me - but how important is that 180 # thing?  I  wear a 42 jacket, will I feel like I am shoulder to shoulder with the wings?

And it is no secret here, there is a Porterfield in CA that is kinda pretty and it has been available for at least a few months.  Any members here been by to look at it.  Spare engine certainly has my attention - love spare parts - but my daughter named it "Olive" already so I need to get her up close and personal with one of the Skinny Birds here in Texas (anyone in or near TKI willing to take her up for a short ride, I buy gas and lunch afterwards - and all she needs is a quick hop around the patch, no stick time).  Need to see if she still likes the idea after being inside a skinny bird.

Last - wheel pants???  Two that I know of, still need to look at the third, have no pants.  I have seen references to Taylorcraft wheel pants, but have not had time (or the admission to the club) to go searching and since I am writing my first post . . . I am hoping for forgiveness if this is one of those times when I should "look for the search bar".

At 9:21am on March 4, 2022, Bryan Hunt said…

Thanks for the welcome Andy!

I'm close to the 180 (that I can influence)... but have +2" on the height being 6'..  would I not fit at that height?


At 10:21am on March 3, 2022, James H Replogle said…

I have been looking to buy a porterfield for some time now. I am interested in a 35W if I can find one for sale. The owners of these models don't seem to want to part with them which is very understandable. I'll keep an eye out anyway.

At 10:21pm on November 18, 2021, Tim Berridge said…
Thanks Andy!
I was struck by the beauty of the design.
Glad to be here.
At 5:38pm on August 26, 2021, Luke Lebrecht said…

Howdy hey thanks for the welcome! He talked about the Porterfield Club ALOT! He truly loved it. Unfortunately about a week ago he had a massive stroke and his time is nearing an end. I hope the Army approves my leave so I can go see him one last time. I look forward to seeing everyone's posts on here and learn a thing or two! Im glad he opened my eyes to aviation (Im normally a car guy) and maybe one day Ill be up in the air too.

At 11:22am on July 24, 2021, Dan Roose said…

Hi Andy,

Thanks for letting me join you all. Looking forward to finding an aircraft at some point, a Flyable one first with a project a little later. 

At 9:29am on May 3, 2021, Steve Ahrens said…

Thank you for the warm welcome Andy. I’m looking forward to doing my tail wheel endorsement with my new bird!

At 5:49pm on April 26, 2021, Robert Ferguson said…

I'm 2005 lbs. and 5ft. 11 inch's a little tight, but with practice no problem.  Okay once in.

At 12:47pm on December 8, 2020, T Doug Stewart said…

Hi Andy. I’ve not received to data pack yet on the 90 Franklin install. Actually I made a error on the engine I’m overhauling for my FP 65. It is actually a 80 hp with starter and generator. I’m hoping to use your data as the basis for this engine. Would also like to get info on other installations of 80 or more hp. The starter and generator do not stick back any further than the mags. I’m thanking one of the small lightweight starters just might work. From my measurements it seems that the gas tank and starter clearance are the issue. Thanks for your help

At 10:22am on November 3, 2020, Carl Gingras said…

Thanks for the welcome. Greg hadn't started on the project yet. He has a bunch of other restorations going on right now so that how I ended up with the project. He is guiding me as this is my first restoration. I currently fly a quicksilver gt400, and this project is a viable means to get into a 2 place aircraft. 

At 1:01pm on October 27, 2020, T Doug Stewart said…
Andy I have a 41 fp65 that I plan to have flying summer 2021. I see you have a Franklin 90 in yours with a one time arc. I just bought a 90 with starter and gen. It will be overhauled to new specs this winter. Can I please get a copy of your STC. It will make it much easier to get mine approved. Thanks in advance
At 1:16pm on May 9, 2020, Allison H. said…

She is a project. I bought her from Jason Algra back in 2015, then immediately had to find a new job. Been concentrating on flight training but 368, also known as Maggie Lou, is never far from my mind. She's housed at the Vintage Flying Museum in Fort Worth, TX. 
I'm really hoping factory drawings are still available. I'm used to working from parts catalogs. 

At 5:06pm on April 2, 2020, David Trost said…

Is there a place where I can find any airworthiness directives for the Colliagiate?

At 4:56pm on April 2, 2020, David Trost said…

Collegiate SN 938 NC37709 We hope to have it ready to fly soon

I will say Hi to Ken for you

At 9:01pm on September 30, 2019, Harry Taggart said…

That Porterfield for sale in Kansas is in a Facebook Airplanes For Sale Group. Doing research on it is what led me to your group. I won't be able to act on anything until Spring at the earliest. Looks like a sweet plane at a good price though.

Small world about the Starlite for sure! I didn't berlong to the Yahoo group. There was another Starlite owner about 40 miles away from me and we always got together at fly-ins around Tennessee. I was not the original builder of mine. I acquired it from a guy who bought it from the builder (who was afraid to fly it) and then promptly ground looped it, collapsing the gear, which drove a wheel through the right wing and hit a runway light with the left wing leading edge.  You, of course, know how close coupled the controls were and you just cannot get heavy handed or heavy footed with a Starlite on the ground. I traded a 1980 Cadillac Eldorado for it, put it back together and had a ball flying it. As you know, Starlites always draw a crowd wherever they go. I took it to Sun 'N Fun twice and eventually sold it to get the Champ.

As for the Starduster, I did not build that one either. The turtledeck (aka 'storage area') was fiberglass. It was a dream to fly and one of the best landing taildraggers I ever flew. But I outgrew it (weight-wise) too quickly.  At 210# I could barely get my hips in and out of the cockpit opening and a parachute was definitely out of the question. My lifelong dream was to own and fly a Stearman. The Starduster was as close as I ever got. No matter. It always put a smile on my face.

I'm looking forward to learning more about the Porterfield from you and your members. Thanks again for adding me.

At 8:08pm on September 30, 2019, Harry Taggart said…

Thanks for the welcome, Andy. I'm more interested in a flight worthy A/C rather than rebuilding. Just looking for now. My center of gravity has "shifted" significantly since my days with the Starlite and Starduster.  I'm 5'10 but close to 250#. I can handle close quarters at the controls. Just concerned about CG problems at this weight. The Porterfield caught my eye due to its close appearance to my Aeronca. This is the first I've ever heard of a Porterfield.

At 9:50pm on September 11, 2019, Luigi Ricci Moretti said…

The Fleet is a Model 7B, N174RS. 

Thanks for the add. 


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