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I posted a message the end of May for a set of Porterfield Wings in Western Mass.  The Gentleman who had the wings emailed me this morning, that someone from New Hampshire was coming to take the wings and tail pieces. Thanks to anyone who might have helped in arranging this transaction.

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This is all on you, Bob!  I'm going to rescue the wings next week, so if anybody needs a nice set of wings and tail surfaces...or has all the fuselage related drawings for the Flyabout, please advise!

Now I know what happened to the wings I was hoping to get my hands on, would of loved to get those wings and tail feathers, would of given them a new home and would of restored them to like new. If the person who has them would be interested in selling them at a real reasonable price, please let me know. I am still interested in getting them, if they ever come up for sale. 

I was number three, who asked for them, I guess the guy who was number two, ended up with them.

If you’re interested in selling them at a very reasonable price, please let me know.

Dennis Biro, Bloomington, Indiana 

812 876 2344

Now I know what happened to the wings and tail feathers I was hoping to get.

Dennis Biro, Bloomington, Indiana 

Got a call, that the wings are mine for the taken, great, now I need to find a way to get them home to Bloomington, Indiana. I have a 20 foot trailer that I can get for moving the wings, I we’ll see if I can get them in the next two weeks. Thank you for the opportunity of saving those wings and tail feathers on this Porterfield 35-70. They will get a home and a new life. Can you tell me anything about the other 35-70 Porterfield, that sits in a hanger In Western Massachusetts. The one that is across from the winery there. It looks like it was abandoned some time ago, but appears to be complete. Is there any information that you can send me about it, would love to get it, so it can be rescued and restored to like factory new. 

thank you, 

Dennis Biro,

3060 N Thomas Rd.

Bloomington, Indiana 


Wish I knew about the other Porterfield. My only connection to the wings was that I was hoping they were for a CP-50. When I saw that they were for a 35-70, I offered to put a blurb on the Forum to see if it would generate any interest. Glad they are going to someone who can use them.

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