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Number of Porterfield Collegiates ??

In a discussion with a fellow pilot the question came up, How many PCs are still flying and how many are  in the US.  I remember a post asking a similar question,

but do not remember seeing the answer.

 (have looked but have not found it.)  So, anyone have an idea of the numbers?


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Bill this is a list of the Porterfield's I compiled from the FAA Registry in 2009. I called many and wrote letters to many of the owners. On this list it shows about 27 that are airworthy in the US. I had a newer list of just the Porterfield's that I knew were airworthy, but I can't seem to find it. I believe there were 30 or so Airworthy Porterfield's at that time. Some are in other countries such as United Kingdom, New Zealand, France, Mexico, Canada, Israel, and Australia. 

There are three flying CP 65 in South east Wisconsin in a 50 radius


Here's a link to my list for Airworthy Porterfield's that I knew about in 2017. I'm sure it has changed. Here I have 31 listed as being Airworthy.

April 12, 2019

Tom, Roger,

Thank you.


  • The list iss missing N27207,Herb Brayton et. al., Richland WA

Also missing 32362 in Bend, Oregon. :)

Also missing N25591, Jacksonville, TX

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