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At 7:03am on May 5, 2021, Steve Ahrens said…

Thanks Tom! Thanks for the photo!

At 5:40am on May 4, 2021, Steve Ahrens said…

Hi Tom! Unbelievable you recognise this plane! Originally N37733. I purchased the plane on April 30th (4 days ago) from Rob Glenn who imported it from Texas to Australia in 2011. I’m currently in the process of ferrying it home, but unfortunately the right magneto went out to lunch about half way through the journey home on the 2nd day and now I’m waiting for a Slick conversion kit to arrive from the States. Are you able to tell me anything about the plane?

At 3:37pm on May 1, 2021, Andy Andraka said…

Hey Tom, the FAA has it down as a "American Eaglet-Lincoln" as the manufacturer name. I'm sure a few others also have it incorrectly documented. I might start punching in some of the other N-numbers and see what they ended up as.

At 9:31am on May 13, 2019, Eric Porterfield said…

Tom.  Im actually a private pilot that is getting my tail wheel in a J3 as the Porterfield is a little small for me.  That said, The Porterfield is of great interest, not as much due to its namesake, but more from its rarity.  I wish I was a little smaller: 6'2" and 230!  Maybe I'll start shrining soon.  

At 12:45pm on November 3, 2015, t j neff said…

Hi Tom,

Hope you are well.  Thanks for keeping this club going.

I need a Marvel brand carburetor with mixture control for my LP65.

If I could find a C85 with electrical system and an engine mount I'd strongly consider make the conversion.



At 2:42am on September 8, 2015, Stan Hyde said…

Hi Tom ,I attempted to add a video to the Porterfield site and and did something wrong .Can you remove them and I will try again later.

Cheers Stan Hyde

New Zealand

At 8:35am on June 1, 2015, Mike Polley said…


I am looking for advice on how to rig the wings of my CP-65.  She is right wing heavy.  I read the assembly and rigging instructions but still need help.

At 12:59am on April 29, 2015, Stan Hyde said…

Thanks for the welcome .I take delivery of the Porterfield in about three weeks and cant wait.Will send updates and question as I get to know the old bird better.

Cheers Stan Hyde

At 8:30am on October 21, 2014, Craig Modlin said…

Hey Tom, 

Sorry for the late reply. My Porterfield is N27207, a 1940 CP-65. The previous owner was Earl Allen from Corning, CA. It was rebuilt in 2006 and it's a great plane to fly. I fly with the Cheap Suits Flying Club with their Cubs and it's fun when my little 65 horse can go faster than them :) I love taking this plane to events to put it on display. Everyone knows the Cub but not many know the Porterfield series. 


At 11:01am on September 24, 2014, patrick cole said…


At 10:24pm on May 31, 2013, t j neff said…

hello Tom,


T. J. Neff here. I have a 1941 LP65. I desparately need a self started or and engine mount to convert to a Continental 85 or ??

Any leads/



At 4:57pm on May 31, 2013, Calvin Wiley said…
Thanks guys, got mine sold a couple weeks ago but I'm sure I'll have another down the road!
At 12:20pm on December 5, 2011, David L. Brown said…


Sorry I have not gotten back with you.

Thanks for letting me be apart of the Porterfield club.

Well it looks like winter is here in Ohio. Time to hide in the shop for the winter. I have big plans to work on the Porterfield this winter.

How do I talk to about drawings for the porterfield?

Right now I am planning on doing all the wood work on the fuslage. stingers, bulkheads, back window frame, floor boards, etc.

Your help in sending me in the right direction would be great.

To answer your question my airplane is 1940 cp-65 NC25563 S/N 671

Thanks  Dave.



dave@tailwheels.com My aviation cartoon



At 7:22pm on July 8, 2011, Bryant Chambers said…

Tom -

Thank you for your welcome!

My father purchased his LP65 disassembled in 1985. This is the only plane that he has ever owned.  Although he loves planes and flying, he has not piloted a plane in years.  It is my hope that he and I can get this Porterfield back in the air after many years of being grounded.  Although I am good at doing what I'm told and have an eye for detail, I know nothing about rebuilding a plane.  In the '80s, my father belonged to a club that rebuilt planes, so he has some experience. My hope is that I might find information on this site that will help guide us through the reconstruction process. 

Thus far, the Porterfield has had the wings rebuilt, the frame has be sanded and primed, and the engine has been rebuilt (my profile picture is of the rebuilt engine in it's current state).  Nothing has yet been covered.

I would greatly appreciate any advice or direction that you or the other members can provide.

Thank you again for the welcome, and for creating this site.


Bryant Chambers

At 3:06pm on June 30, 2011, Jason Algra said…

Looking to sell my Porterfield LP-65 project.  Email me for details if you are interested at  porterfield1940@live.com


This is a pretty complete project with the fuselage epoxy painted. Original engine and  Log Books back to 1942 and this plane was used by the Department of Defense from 1940-1942 so it has a little history as well.

At 4:08am on April 25, 2011, Steve Sharpe said…



PS. ZL now fitted with Gennipod.  Works well powering radio, i/com, GPS and LED strobe. Will probably need to fit mode S xponder before next year due to stringent Olympic games airspace restrictions which would stop us flying for 2 summer months without one.

At 3:58am on April 25, 2011, Steve Sharpe said…



Not sure if this is old news or not. For sale by auction in NZ.


At 9:53am on March 21, 2011, Gene Morris said…

Good morning Tom,  Thank you and all you folks for the fine welcome.  I forgot to mention that in the early nineties I restored the number one Eaglet 291N, and donated it to Kansas City. The last time I saw it it was at MKC.

I also had the extreme pleasure of flying "Spinach" one time at Blakesburg.

I plan to get my present Eaglet going soon, NC548Y

Keep up the good work, Gene

At 8:24am on March 9, 2011, Mike Rosman said…

Thanks for the welcome.  The 75C is a project at this time.  We are currently doing a full restoration on a PA-11 and recovering some Ercoupe wings  with the class.  I own a Skybolt and am currently repainting all of the metal and fiberglass.  It should be ready in about a month.


Take care,


At 12:19pm on February 4, 2011, Steve Sharpe said…


I've got hold of a copy of Pilot featuring ZL for you, although I haven't got it in my sweaty mits quite yet, will send it ASAP.






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