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Does anyone know the size of the Shock Rubbers for the landing gear on a Porterfield?

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I am looking for the diameter and thickness of the rubbers. Thanks!
Here is a drawing on the shock rubber
I can also measure the disks, I have a few laying around.
Thanks a bunch Drew!
I cant really see the dimentions on the photo?

Drew White said:
Here is a drawing on the shock rubber
It is taken from a slide and I agree, not the best. I will take some measurements when I get home this week, if that works for you.
Thanks Drew! You Rock and this will help me out a bunch.
Jason, I looked at them and thought of something. I am two short of the shock rubbers. How about I send you what looks like a new old stock one, ( I have 10 of them making me two short) You copy it and make me two extra. Then you can do a direct copy of it. I have some old info on the stock that you would use for it, but I would have to dig that up. Also what engine are you going to use? Let me know what you want to do?

LeRoy Blum of Nine Mile Falls, WA had sent me a letter saying that the "Shock disk rubber is #264NEO Prene, which is the same as 36 shore or Goodyear rubber stock # 4797" I don't know what all that means, and he didn't say where it could be attained from. His e-mail is: llhavenhill@gmail.com
Maybe he knows where you can get some shock absorber disks.
Tom Porterfield

Has anyone made progress on Shock Rubbers as mine are getting weathered.

Plan on Sun N Fun and trying to get new Shock Rubbers

Any help is appreciated

Charles Slinger

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