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Our Porterfield, LP-65 N37733, purchased from Don Bishop, Bowie, Texas, arrived in Australia this week and came out of the sea container in Sydney for road transport to Bathurst NSW. Some hold up to get through customs, where the container was x-rayed, and quarantine looking for all sorts of bugs trying to escape from the US. Amazingly, nothing was damaged in the slightest during the long voyage. Job now is to get the aeroplane assembled and finalise the paperwork to get full registration here. I have reserved Australian registration mark VH-POR. This is only the second Porterfield  in our country, the previous one has been flying here since 1936. Rob Glenn.

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Comment by Tom Porterfield on November 27, 2011 at 2:56pm


I am glad the Porterfield arrived safely after such a long wait. Let us know how things go as you get it assembled and flying.

Tom Porterfield

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