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G-AFZL awarded Permit to Fly following rebuild

Good news. Yesterday ZL got its Permit to Fly, so after nearly 19 months we're airborne again. Thanks to everyone who offered advice and assistance during the rebuild. Subject to the usual variable British weather Paul and I can now put on some hours to run the engine in. We had a misfiring problem at idle for a while, caused by failure in one or more of the brand new plugs! Engine now seems to be running smoothly, although with the new exhaust system it does seem a bit noisier than the old A50, despite the fitting of silencers. We still have a weight problem, so certified for single seat operation at the moment, until we can prove that CP50 and CP65 airframes are identical.

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Comment by Andy Gelston on February 6, 2015 at 4:42pm

Well done, Steve! 

I'm planning on having my factory drawings scanned and put into .pdf files for Tim Talen.  If they are for both CP-50 and -65, that may prove they have the same airframe, and the weight difference is strictly engine related.  I can email you the .pdf's to help bolster your argument with your transport ministry goomers.  In the meantime, you'll just have to direct all your potential passengers over to Alan James, for open-air rides in his beloved G-BUCO!

Soft landings,  Andy

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