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Replacing Bendix SF4-RN8 mags with SLICK 4333

Has anyone preplaced the old Bendix SF4 mags on their CP-65 with SLICK 4333 mags?

It appears that spacers are required between the accessory case and mag to accommodate the required impulse coupler. I welcome any and all information or comments on the conversion process and parts required.

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Comment by Andy Gelston on March 18, 2020 at 9:27am

Harry Fenton, the A65 guru, writes, “The only magnetos that bolt up to the A-65 are models 4302, 4230, 4330 and 4333. There are some military surplus magnetos, model 4220, that are sold cheap and claimed to fit the A-65, but they do not. Anything is possible with a machine shop, but once all is said and done, it is most cost effective to just purchase the correct magneto kit and have it over with. As far as gears go, here is the story: The 4230 and 4330 are impulse coupled magnetos and require the Continental p/n 36066 magneto drive gear. Because these mags are impulse coupled, the gears from non-impulse magnetos will not fit. The impulse couplings of these mags also require a spacer to allow the magneto to fit the engine with this impulse coupling and gear arrangement. The price of the gears are a shocker though- nearly $500 each for the gears!! Used gears can be found, but be wary as there were bogus gears floating around for quite some time that became the subject of FAA Special Airworthiness Information Bulletin SAIB ACE 98-21. For reference, the 36066 drive gears are the same ones used for the 4201/4301 magnetos that fit the O-200. The impulse gears attached to the Bendix or Eismann magnetos that fit any Continental with a -8 suffix will not fit any Slick magneto. Details of this installation can be found in Slick Service Letter SL1-93. For the most part, this installation has been superceded by the much easier to install and lesser expensive K4334 ignition upgrade kit. The K4334 kit consists of two impulse coupled 4333 magnetos, Slick manufactured drive gears, shielded ignition harness and spark plugs. The gears provided are unique and only fit Slick mags. The K4334 eliminates the expensive and clumsy spacers so that the installation is more of a bolt on affair. Details of the K4334 kit can be found in Slick Service Letter SL2-94.”

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