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It has been several years since I endeavored to help my dad finish his Porterfield.  Shortly after we started, I relocated to Montana.  Now I'm back in Ohio and determined to finish this project.  He and I began in earnest a few weeks ago.  This time we have help from a couple of friends, one who's an A&P and another who's an IA.

To quickly give everyone an idea of where we stand on the project, the wings and engine have been rebuilt and the fuselage has been repainted.  We have most of the old parts, but nearly everything needs to be replaced.  This includes wing struts, windscreen, cowling, cables, etc...

Recently my dad and I realized that we are lacking many critical drawings.  For example, we have no drawings of the engine compartment for our LP-65.  I spoke with Kevin Rankin a few days ago and sent him a list requesting all of the necessary drawings that I believe exist for this plane.

I may be too optimistic, but it would be nice to have it airworthy by early next summer.  I'll keep you post!


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