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This is a home movie (8MM) that shows a Porterfield Collegiate (NC19230) on floats. I am still researching the background on this video, however i believe it...

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Comment by Andy Gelston on December 4, 2017 at 10:41am

Thank you for posting this, Bill!  This is the first I've ever seen of the aux. fin that is required by the Type Certificate.  This was shot in the summer of 1940 on the southern end of Lake Skaneattles, one of the Finger Lakes in central New York State.  The plane actually flew better without the aux. fin, and the CAA goomer agreed that it wouldn't be required, but somehow it got added it to the TCDS anyway, somewhere back in the bureaucracy.  I should ask Brad if he could have it removed from the TCDS. 

This plane was based near Rochester, NY for many decades until she was sold the summer of '17 to a Club member in the Dakotas...who was quite keen to put her back on Edo 1320's (I'd like to get 41VermonT on 1320's myself, if I ever find a reasonably priced pair in good shape, as I completed all the seaplane mods to her when she was restored several years ago).  He tried to land her on deep snow with wheels and flipped her, damaging her severely.  Fortunately, Kevin Feauto, in Florida, bought her and is now restoring her...maybe he'll put her on Edo 1320s!

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