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I recently answered an ad on Barnstormers for Porterfield wings hoping to jump start my CP-50 project. It turns out that they are from a 35-70 S/N 176 NC15876. The photos that I got from the seller showed a complete tail and the 2 wings. If the photos can be trusted the wings look like they are in good condition as is the tail. The person who placed the ad is the son of the man who had the airplane. It was deregistered in 1940 and it does not look like he ever registered it.  Sometime between 1995 and 2005 the Gentleman turned the fuselage over to someone to restore.  He became sick and lost his memory; and no one knows who has the fuselage or where it is. The parts are in Dalton, Ma, near Springfield, and were offered for free. If anyone knows where the fuselage might be or is interested in these wings please call Albert Barbuto at 413-652-7343 and leave a message and he will call you back. It would be a shame if these parts were not put to good use as they appear to be restorable.

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