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I’m having my Continental overhauled, and the shop is having major difficulties obtaining the main bearings (20thou over). Apparently the supplier is having trouble with the paperwork. Anybody anybody else experiencing anything like this right now regarding these 20 over main bearings? Thanks Mark

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IIRC, installing .020 over bearings requires an STC. Is that what the issue is? 

Check with Harry Fenton, he's the A-65 guru.

I don’t think that’s the problem per se. Talking to the parts guy at Aircraft specialties he explained the long story about it. I talked to Don over at Don‘s dream machines and they’re having the same problems waiting on M 20 bearings for customers. Thanks for the tip, I will reach out to Harry Fenton. Mark

Here’s the website with his ruminations: http://www.bowersflybaby.com/tech/engines.htm#harry

Hi Andy, I sent Harry an email a couple days ago. I bet he gets lots of them and has to weed through them. Or maybe he’s done doing it.

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