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Does anyone know what the proper altimeter might be for a 1940 Collegiate? 
Ours is odd in that there is no pressure window to set for the current baro pressure. One sets the faceplate to align with the needle for the known field elevation before take off. Not a lot of help if one is flying to a higher or lower pressure area. See attached photo which was taken in flight at 2,500 asl.
Thanks! Mark

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Oh Mark, welcome to our wondrous world of flying visually, low and slow by the seat of your pants!

Our altimeters aren't odd, they're just old. The proper altimeter has the adjustment knob at the six o'clock position, and like yours, the knob moves the face and not the needle. Most prewar light planes had these altimeters and were "upgraded" later in their checkered pasts.

Our old gals don't have the range to need such modern conveniences as Kollsman windows in our altimeters. If you're flying where you need to adjust for ambient pressure changes enroute, the winds would be so high you probably shouldn't be flying then anyway.

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