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Continental A65 .020 crankshaft main bearings.

Anyone happen to have a new set of these laying around? Been waiting since May so my engine shop can finish NC27249s overhaul. Would possibly settle for a yellow tag .010 or standard crankshaft as main bearings for those are available.
Thanks, Mark.

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There's some listed on Ebay, but they are standard

Continental A65/A75/C85 Engine Crankshaft bearings standard, for Sa...

Here’s a link to ASS’s STC:


Looking up the part numbers on the ASS website, they don’t list them.  

They were being manufactured by Heico-Aircraft Technology, Inc. in Florida, but their part numbers don’t register in their website’s search engine.

Good luck!

Thanks guys. Aircraft Specialties has had the .020 main bearing set back ordered for a very long time. They list the set as “M20 Main” Their awaiting approval from Superior Air Parts (who has a vendor manufacturing them) for use in the A65. They are approved and available for the 0-200 engines. I MAY have a lead on a standard overhaul-able A-65 crank. (.010 mains are available.) Fingers crossed. 27249er has been down since last May awaiting these precious bearings to finish the overhaul.

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