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Help required for type certificate data for our Australian Porterfield

I am looking at transferring the registration of our Porterfield here in Australia.

I understand it is a 35/70 "special" with the original type certificate being No 567 I would think or perhaps ATC 611. The serial no. is 242, built in 1936.

The aircraft was converted from the original Le Blond radial in 1950 and a Continental A 75 was fitted. In 1996 the Continental A75 was changed to a C75 (generator and starter).

To change the registration over I need to get some documented evidence that the Continental C75 is an approved motor, maybe as an STC.

Can you please advise process to achieve this?

Can Joe Rankin help in any way.? If so can you please supply his email address.

They are getting much stricter here in Australia these days. The CASA authority has the aircraft registered ok, but the transfer to the other sport aviation registration is posing a problem, as both the 567 and 611 type certificates call up the LeBlond but not the Continental.

I did see that there has been or is a 35W with a Continental.

Many thanks for your help with this problem.

Trevor Bange
Clifton, Queensland. Australia

Email: trevorbange@bigpond.com

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Hi Trevor,

I've been involved with exporting Yank birds down under to Oz, and the FAA agent here went over everything before issuing the CofA-Export.

My Collegiate had her 65HP Franklin replaced with a Franklin 90 under a one-time STC (field approval).  I would like to think that there was one for the A-75 and another one for the C-75 for your bird.  If you still know the Yank registration (N number), you may be able to contact the FAA through www.FAA.gov and request all their records for your plane on a CD-ROM (I hope they will soon also make downloading the records an option).  The records may include the two field approvals for the engine changes.

One caveat, however: some Yanks aren't very keen at letting a few FAR's interfere with their plans to "improve" their aircraft, so it could be the case that the A-75 was swapped out with the C-75 with nary a logbook entry, let alone a new weight and balance or any other paperwork.  If you discover that's what has happened, you may as well jump inside one of those towering cans of Foster's and enjoy the bath you'll soon be taking.

Soft landings,  Andy


To my knowledge the Porterfield was never registered in USA. It cam to Australia as a new plane in December 1936.

In 1950o the then owner changed out the LeBlond radial to the A75 Continental but unfortunately the paperwork trail for that time has been lost by both our CAA and the engineers are no longer.

In 1996 it was changed from an A 75 to a C75 with an engineer and log book entries.

Hence we have the dilamma.  I read somewhere that the LeBlond was later replaced by the Continental A75 as a retrofit and type approval given That is the area I need to start. Any help greatly appreciated.

Perhaps that is where Joe Rankin can help.

I have not had any contact with him as yet. Perhaps you could follow up for meas it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and cheers.


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