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Greetings, a recent article about a gentleman who flew to Osh Kosh said there were only 24 flying examples? Does anyone know if that's accurate? Seems kind of low to me. A rough count on FAAs website shows 50 (LPs, CPs, and a few FPs) with current airworth certs. I realize many may not be in annual.

Cheers, Mark
NC 27249

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I also read that and agree that it does seem low, but it may be more accurate than we'd care to admit. About 14 years ago, I created a spreadsheet for Chuck LeBrecht with all the Porterfield and American Eagle aircraft still in the FAA registry.  I don't recall what the total was, but many were expired.  There are many projects out there, either being actively restored or just sitting in storage, waiting for someone to take them home. 

A friend of mine wheeled and dealed in small planes in the 50's and told me that the Collegiate was kind of an unwanted orphan because not many appreciated how well they flew and were afraid of the all wood wings.  Many were purchased for under $50 and stripped of usable parts for homebuilts and other aircraft.  What was left was pushed off into the weeds to rot into the ground.

Wow Andy that's incredibly sad. When we were going through the teething pains of our Porterfield rising from the ashes, I thought the effort was bordering on not worth it. We have an old long time friend in our '48 C140, that has been a treasured family member since 2000. But I must say, after 30 hours in 249er she is stealing our hearts. She has SO much charm and simplicity and is a pleasure to float around the sky in. One thing we all have in common with these old birds is people's reaction to the question " what kind of plane is that?
Cheers, Mark

Oh yes, Mark, and if they ask, "is that a Champ...or a Funk...or an Interstate Cadet?",  I always respond with, "that's a good guess, but look again at the parallel wing struts and the shape of the tail.  She's a Porterfield Collegiate, built before the US entered WWII." 

Thank you for not giving up on ol' 249er and getting another of these college girls back in the air!


Thanks Andy! I like your style.

Ha!  If you read my travel story in the blog section:


you'll get so much of my style it will put you to sleep!

Ok Andy, I'll check it out. If it involves little airplanes at all, I'll be interested.

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