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Steve Weaver, in Phillipa, WV has dropped his asking price $10K, to $<20K, which is pretty reasonable, as she appears to be in lovely shape. She’s been listed on TAP for many years now, it will be nice to see this old gal go to a good, loving home and GET FLOWN ON MANY ADVENTURES that are written up here on the website. Who has $20K burning a hole in his/her bank account and wishes to live grandly?

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January 26, 2019


This is for everyone who might be interested in the PC offered on TAP.  I wrote Mr. Weaver and asked what else had been done to the plane other than what the ad said.

He replied that it had new cables, all new wood, (wings??) in addition to new fabric and overhauled motor.

Hope this helps anyone interested.


Just bought it and joined the club. Looking forward to learning all about the Porterfields. Anyone have recommendations on skis?  I know the SC1 are on the TCDS. Anyone have used federal 1500's?

The 1500’s are easier to find, but they’re not legal on the Collegiate unless you get a field approval (one time STC). I fly off SC-1’s and they work great, as long as the rigging is in good shape...


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