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Greetings, does anyone have access to any information on the Porterfield's stock tailwheel? Also, any info on STC's for changing It out to a out today Scott?
Thank you! NC27249

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The TCDS (A-720) for your little girl states:

203. Tail wheels
(a) 6x2.00 full swivel with special spring  +4 lbs. (+195)
(b) 6x2.00 steerable with special spring  +5 lbs. (+195)
(c) 3-3/8 solid rubber  +2 lbs. (+195)

So if a Scott 2000 fits within these options, you're good to go with just a logbook entry, a change in your equipment list, and a recalculated weight and balance.  The Scott 3200 definitely won't fit within these options, and will require a field approval.

Soft landings,


Thanks for the reply Andy, The stock tailwheel assembly always seemed pretty minimalist and a weak link. Although it hasn't caused any problems, I always like the design of the Scott's. Do you know anyone who's put 2000 on their Skinny Bird?

No, but they're probably out there and hopefully, anyone reading this who has one will respond with a review.  I have a Maule on my tail and it works well.  It didn't break from shimmying when I lost a spring and the arm & pivot work well with a wee ski in winter.

Thanks for replying Andy, unfortunately it doesn't seem that this site gets a whole lot of use. But there's not a whole lot of Porterfield be there that's one of the things that makes them so cool.

Our members are mostly voyeurs who read but don't comment.  The site is pretty quiet, so most check in about once a month unless they have a question or an experience or information to share.

I put a Scott 2000 on mine. Just a logbook entry. No STC needed. Check with your A&P/IA. I love it. Mine had a taylorcraft steerable but not breakaway when I got it. Nice to not have to pick up the plane to put it in the hangar.

I also have a 2000 that I can part with if you need it. $400. Has no hubcap (they can be hard to find).

Aircraft Spruce has 'em, but they're not cheap!


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