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I’m happy to say that after over two years, 249er is back in the air. During a very local flight back in April of 2021, I experienced a BIG drop in oil pressure on my A65 (40 psi to 8 psi). After an expedited landing, I drained the oil through a T shirt rag and what remained in the rag reminded me of that metal looking spray paint I used to use on car models as a kid. I thought for sure I’d spun a bearing. We were always a bit leery of that engine, so decided to bite the bullet and have it overhauled. Well, extremely long story short, turns out it wasn’t a bearing, it was a piston pin plug that disintegrated and the resulting material ended up in the oil screen, almost completely blocking the screen. The big hold up on the overhaul was a lack of.020 over main bearings due to a PMA issue with Superior Air Parts. We also had new Superior A65 cylinder kits installed. They are very nice with an upgraded pushrod tube connection. 

 My A&P/IA did and excellent job on installing the new engine, new exhaust, new heat muffs and performed a very thorough annual inspection. We also obtained a W72CK44 Sensenich propeller to replace the 42” pitch we used previously. The first break in fight was done on August 13th and we have logged about 4 hours since then gradually getting more confidence in the new engine and venturing a bit farther from the airfield with each flight.

 It’s been a long road, but the wait has been well worth it!

Strangely enough, but I don’t have any photos of the new engine installation. I’ll get a few and send them along.

The Porterfield’s are such wonderful little time machines.

I’m very grateful to have the opportunity to to care for this one and the support of this group.

Keep Da Skinny Boids fly’in!


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Gadzooks! That's a lot of metal in your screen!

Thank you for sharing your story with us, Mark, and for keeping your skinny bird flying, safely. With the fresh engine and a 44 pitch, your climb performance should be about the same and your top end speed should be about 105, cruising about 95. She's a beautiful girl, your two four niner...

Here’s a couple of photos of the engine. 


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