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08/09 - Soloing at 16 - in Six Airplanes!

08/09 - Soloing at 16 - in Six Airplanes!

By Steve Krog

When an individual makes the commitment to learn to fly, there are several memorable events that occur during flight training. The very first flight always leaves a lasting impression. Same with the first take-off, or getting the airplane to do what the…


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LP-65 Porterfield Receives Best Antique Trophy 2011

Jay Underdown took his LP-65 Porterfield NC32417 to the Alton Illinois airport  (ALN) for their wings and wheels fly-in a few weeks ago and received the Best Antique 2011 Trophy. NC32417 is also co-owned with Larry Lightstone and Mike Weidhaas and based in O Fallen, Missouri.



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50th Annual Bean Dinner Fly-In

Don Siemens of Airman Acres in Collinsville, Oklahoma and Owner of a Porterfield LP-65,

NC37856 held his 50th annual Fly-In Bean Dinner on Sep 24, 2011. They had quit a good turn out. I've never seen such big pots of beans cooking. Here are links to 2 videos of the Fly-in on You-Tube.

The first one is 15 minutes long.


Allen Deiter did a real good job on…


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Lone Eagle Porterfield makes it to Blakesburg Fly-in, Sept 3rd 2011

See Jay Underdown and Partner's (Larry Lightstone and Mike Weidhaas) Lone Eagle Porterfield at the Antique Aircraft Associations Annual Blakesburg, Iowa Fly-in. It is on the Part 2 Saturday Roll Call picture video of the link below at minute 7:32.


Part 1 of 2 Saturday Roll Call: http://youtu.be/IODWy_FIcao


Part 2 of 2…


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OSHKOSH Airventure 2010

Hello Tom.

Paul and I had a great time at Airventure, despite a bit of a wobble when we arrived and they were not allowing RVs in due to the waterlogging, but we blagged our way in and found a dry spot. We were disappointed there were no Porterfields, not surprising considering the previous week's weather I guess, although we did meet a young chap in the bar who had flown one! We met some friends who had flown a C180 in, we were at their plane when we witnessed the Jack Roush…


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John Bange of Clifton Australia with Porterfield

Picture of / about 'Clifton' Queensland - Unique Porterfield Special aircraft with owner John Bange, ca. 1950

John Bange standing beside his vintage Porterfield Special monoplane, UH-UVH on his property at Back Plains, Queensland. A pioneering glider pilot, Bange designed and built the first enclosed-fuselage glider which made its maiden flight over Clifton on the 27 October 1935.…

Picture of / about 'Clifton' Queensland - Young glider pilot, John Bange at the controls of his hand-built glider, ca. 1935

Picture of / about 'Clifton' Queensland - Ultimate speed on a racing bike, Clifton, ca. 1930


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NC18088 CP-40 Zephyr, US Airmail

The Air Mail mural was designed and painted by Mark Pestana, noted test pilot and Tehachapi artist. On May 15, 1938, The U.S. Postal Service issued a new Air Mail stamp as part of a national celebration for the 20th anniversary of the first U.S. Air Mail. Tehachapi marked the occasion with its inaugural Air Mail flight to Bakersfield. Harry Beauford, Jr., a Tehachapi resident and pilot, is shown standing next to his plane at Tehachapi…


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1939 CP-40 and Myron Collier, NC18743

Myron Collier was born June 8, 1930, on a farm near Butler, Ohio. He built model airplanes and, though he didn't know any pilots, knew he wanted to be one. An hour's worth of instruction was too expensive, so he paid for 15 minutes at a time. What he lacked in finances he made up for in determination, and by age 23 he had accumulated private, instrument, commercial, multiengine, instructor and ATR ratings. He financed his by teaching flying, and entered the…


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1939 Porterfield "Spirit of New China" with Roscoe Turner and Hilda Yen

April 3, 1939. Washington, D.C. "Col. Roscoe Turner, winner of speed trophies in the air, dropped down to Washington Airport today with a red high-wing monoplane which he presented to the friends of New China, represented by Miss Hilda Yen, Chinese Aviatrix. The plane, 'Spirit of New China.' was built by the Porterfield factory." Harris & Ewing Collection glass negative.…


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