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John Bange of Clifton Australia with Porterfield

Picture of / about 'Clifton' Queensland - Unique Porterfield Special aircraft with owner John Bange, ca. 1950

John Bange standing beside his vintage Porterfield Special monoplane, UH-UVH on his property at Back Plains, Queensland. A pioneering glider pilot, Bange designed and built the first enclosed-fuselage glider which made its maiden flight over Clifton on the 27 October 1935.

Picture of / about 'Clifton' Queensland - Young glider pilot, John Bange at the controls of his hand-built glider, ca. 1935

Picture of / about 'Clifton' Queensland - Ultimate speed on a racing bike, Clifton, ca. 1930

John Bange on a racing bike on his property in Clifton, Queensland. ca 1930

NOTE: This 1936 Porterfield UH-UVH Still Flies and is registered to Keith and Trevor Bange of Clifton, Australia.

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