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Hello Tom.
Paul and I had a great time at Airventure, despite a bit of a wobble when we arrived and they were not allowing RVs in due to the waterlogging, but we blagged our way in and found a dry spot. We were disappointed there were no Porterfields, not surprising considering the previous week's weather I guess, although we did meet a young chap in the bar who had flown one! We met some friends who had flown a C180 in, we were at their plane when we witnessed the Jack Roush crash, about 200 yards away. I had a flight in the B17, the Ford Trimotor and a Bell 47. Stayed until the Sunday then spent a night at the airpark where the C180 lives, got to fly in that airplane plus a Breezy, Cub and aerobatics in an Extra 300. This was followed by 2 nights in Chicago doing the sights and a reasonable flight home. Got bitten to death by mosquitoes, drank quite a lot of reasonable beers and attended a corn roast courtesy the Seaplane Fliers association, also had a chat in the bar with "Buffalo" Joe MacBryan. A very full 12 days. Since then we've flown ZL to the RAF Museum at Cosford in the Midlands, may fly this weekend, although the weather looks poor. A few things left to attend for the rest of the Summer. ZL got her permit in July, not much work required this year, new windscreen, worked on the landing gear and a few other minor jobs.

Greetings to yourself and the rest of the club members!

Steve Sharpe, Southhampton UK

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