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At 9:53am on March 21, 2011, Gene Morris said…

Good morning Tom,  Thank you and all you folks for the fine welcome.  I forgot to mention that in the early nineties I restored the number one Eaglet 291N, and donated it to Kansas City. The last time I saw it it was at MKC.

I also had the extreme pleasure of flying "Spinach" one time at Blakesburg.

I plan to get my present Eaglet going soon, NC548Y

Keep up the good work, Gene

At 8:24am on March 9, 2011, Mike Rosman said…

Thanks for the welcome.  The 75C is a project at this time.  We are currently doing a full restoration on a PA-11 and recovering some Ercoupe wings  with the class.  I own a Skybolt and am currently repainting all of the metal and fiberglass.  It should be ready in about a month.


Take care,


At 12:19pm on February 4, 2011, Steve Sharpe said…


I've got hold of a copy of Pilot featuring ZL for you, although I haven't got it in my sweaty mits quite yet, will send it ASAP.






At 6:27pm on January 2, 2011, Gloria C Conolley said…
Thanks for the birthday wish,Tom. I get to enjoy another year of the club you started !
At 12:11pm on December 23, 2010, Mike Polley said…



My CP-65 is NC25590, S/N 696.  I will send you some pics in the near future

At 8:12pm on November 15, 2010, David Talley said…

Got the following from another Stinson driver. Please pass it on if you feel it's appropriate. THANKS!

Petition to EPA Administrator to require availability of non-ethanol polluted gasoline.


Take care,

David Talley
San Antonio, TX
At 5:56am on June 11, 2010, Steve Sharpe said…
Is it really a year since you put us all on the net? Doesn't time fly? (sorry about the pun). Good to have so many members, but I do feel a bit lonely on the video front, surely there must be lots of other Porterfield flying clips out there. Great set of photos on the site.

ZL's flying well at the moment (touch wood), should be airborne in her on Sunday possibly going to an air display at an old USAF fighter base at Bentwaters in Essex.
By the way you're right about Pink Floyd's line up being aircraft enthusiasts, the drummer, Nick Mason has had a few planes and lots of expensive cars, but now is mainly into helicopters I think. Dave Gilmour, the lead guitarist, used to have the odd jet fighter too, and a DC3 I think. The airline pilot/rock star you're referring to is Bruce Dickinson, lead singer in Iron Maiden a long established heavy metal band. He turns up at our club occasionally, sometimes flies a Nanchang, I had a drink with him a year or so back. He's an all round clever chap, apart from leading IM and being a 757 Captain (for Astreus airlines) he's also an author, had a show on national radio and once fenced for Great Britain. He's done some flying shows for Discovery too, which are worth catching. If only most of us had 10% of that talent!
All the best, Steve..
At 11:16am on April 23, 2010, James Foley said…
No there is no plan to restore it. The plan is to put it up for sale. I have my wife taking pic's of it, I am in Maryland working SH-60 SAR. It has the Lyc eng. with papers of overhaul, it has been recovered. The rudder was modified by the old owner and was on our list to repair to OEM spec's.. My Dad and I were going to make it fly before he got sick. I inspected the frame for any mods or bad repairs and found none except brazing on the seat frame to make it look good. Anyone intrested let me know. Jim Foley AP/IA
At 8:06pm on April 19, 2010, Jerri & Chris Bergen said…
Tom- good afternoon to you- we've made some different porterfield shirts -thought you'd like to see a mockup of one-- The back of this one has the 3 Porterfields of Cable, and the front has the 'king of the air' Porterfield logo on the left chest. Give me an address and we'll send one out!

At 5:35pm on March 25, 2010, Gloria C Conolley said…
Thanks much for the response. Is Bill Buxton a member? I didn't find him in the roster. I do remember his name though from oh , so long ago. Wish I were young again. I'd like to take on his project ! Those days are over for me.
At 9:53pm on March 19, 2010, Gloria C Conolley said…
Hi Tom, The Porterfield NC27281.... Is that your plane ? For a moment I thought it was my old plane NC27280. Guess it is because it is the same color. Anyhow, Who did you buy it from. That is my sister ship. Well.... use to be. Funny how you can't forget an old friend ! I have been very busy With paperwork and things, after my husband died so I haven't been able to get to the archives on the Porterfield that I have stashed away ...someplace.
At 2:16pm on February 20, 2010, Werner Griesbeck said…
hi Tom
My Pfield is CF-RKU Ser.no 1029. I have owned her since 1978. I spent 5 years restoring her. She has Leroy Blum's wing tank in right wing.
My Cont. C-85-8 conversion is done on a one-of basis by Wallace
Don Black, Rt.1, Chickasha, Okla 73018 on his Pfield NC27224.
You most use a -8 rear case as a -12 case will not fit on the
mount, so no starter. You may need more fuel as the 85 will use
1 gal. more gas.
Our Canadian ATC requires a transponder to fly in the Fraser
Valley, so I've installed a Micro-air com. & tpx in the left wing root
and a generator on the gear vee.
I hope this helps those who want to convert.
Werner & Wendy
At 10:41am on January 9, 2010, Bradley Algra said…
Thank you Clint and Tom,
Was just heading out the door to go to the Cable Air Show! Have to get my fix of Porterfields.
Yes, Tom, my brothers plane is at Chino for now awaiting further work.
It's a beautiful day here in So Cal, going to be in the 70's today. I know , it's tough living with this weather in January
At 11:02am on December 5, 2009, Jerri & Chris Bergen said…
Thank you for the welcome Tom. I'm very happy to see that you have taken up the reins on the Porterfield Club. Great airplanes. All of the Porterfield owners at Cable Airport are accomplished pilots and have more fun in the Porterfield than anything else we fly. We're good friends as well. NC25590 is also at Cable. One of the owners is my brother-in-law. I'm sure he will be interested in joining. He is almost finished with a very nice restoration of NC25590. We'll get some pictures for the club. Thank you again for keeping the club alive!
At 8:12am on November 12, 2009, Bob Bennett said…
Tom, Thank you for the Birthday message, Great job with the Club/website. b ob Bennett
At 2:56am on November 12, 2009, Steve Sharpe said…

Thanks for your message. I think I sent a copy of the picture to Chuck soon after it was taken, however the motley crew are from L to R, my flying partner and co-owner Paul Lucas, Me, Trevor Bange, Brian Morris and Richard Earl, the owners of the red one.

I'm not sure if Richard is involved any more but I think Brian still owns VY. If you're interested in UK registrations the CAA runs an interesting website called G-INFO which has the entire UK register, including many pictures.

Keep up the good work!
At 12:14am on November 7, 2009, Lance Fisher said…
Actually, I live near Minneapolis. For some reason when I joined I couldn't find USA as a country so the US/islands looked like the only viable choice.

BTW, My dad is the one who had the pattern for the Porterfield decal made and I have it now. I might even have one or two copies of the decal but I'm not certain of that.
At 6:44pm on November 6, 2009, Lance Fisher said…
At 3:16pm on October 23, 2009, Andy Gelston said…
Thank you, Tom! I miss Chuck's newsletter and had thought of taking it over from him myself. Thank you for starting up this group!

Here's the latest Porterfield ad in Trade-A-Plane (nothing in Barnstormers):
1941 PORTERFIELD 75C, 2065-TT, 125 SMOH. VFR. Original logs. Price Reduced! $29,900. Foothill Aircraft Sales: Kent, CA/(562) 505-6518; Tony, CA/(909) 917-5851. View Spec Sheet (562) 505-6518
At 2:12pm on October 6, 2009, Jason Algra said…
Thanks Tom! My Porterfield is still in Chino California and I have not touched it since I moved to Oshkosh. The Waiex should be done and flying this time next year. I know of a group in Wisconsin that is restoring a Porterfield with a group of kids. Kind of like the Flabob kids thing. The guy heading it is a Sonex customer and a friend of mine. I will make sure he hears of your site. I have always wanted to do a site like this but time hasn't allowed me. I am glad you are doing it. Has LeRoy Blum from Washington joined yet? He is pretty much the Porterfield Guru.

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