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 I am restoring my 1940 Porterfield Collegiate  and need to replace the landing gear rubber donuts. Please contact me if you have some or information on who makes them. (805) 320-2298

I also need  a top streamlined tail brace wire, measuring 47 3/4".

FOR SALE:  Porterfield left and right landing gear legs in airworthy condition 

$500 for the set. Located at Santa Paula Airport, in SO CAL.

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Check the forum archives here.  There are a few discussions that pertain to people who have made donuts and were selling extras.

Tail brace wire: place a free ad on Barnstormers.com (keep it under 100 characters) WANTED type ad.  Don’t forget to mention the thread size.

When I was restoring my 41 Porterfield CP65, I made the landing gear doughnuts from the base of traffic cones, they worked perfectly. Might be something to look into.

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