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Hi folks,

Changing over to an A-65 from the O145-B2.  Need info on new top cowl, nosebowl, exhaust and baffling.  Any info you have would be most appreciated.  Or parts for sale of course.



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Comment by Andy Gelston on March 26, 2014 at 7:26pm

Joe Rankin has all the factory drawings for the A-65 installation, Perry, though some may be on muddy microfiche.  Unfortunately, there have been just enough Porterfield restorers in the past who received drawings from Joe and never paid him for them, so he's hesitant to spend much time on printing the drawings and shipping them out unless YOU ask him right off how much he needs to get for the drawings and send him the money up front.  That's how I've always done business with him and I've never had a problem with it.  I think the nose bowls are all the same.  You'll just need the drawings for the engine mount and cowl.  You can probably fabricate and fit your own baffling, once you get the mount and the cowl made.  I'm sure there are many supportive club members who wouldn't have a problem with taking photos of their A-65 installations for you to model yours after.

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