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Does anybody have a Pilot Manual or Owner's Manual or any kind of flying notes for a CP65?

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Nope! There's never really been a "factory" AFM nor POH for the Collegiate. 

There is a factory manual that discusses rigging and other aspects of the Collegiate. 

Does anybody have a digital version of it that can be emailed?

There is a booklet on flight testing your homebuilt that the FAA put out, or maybe EAA, anyway, you could run your Collegiate through a flight test program and create your own flight manual for her.

Thanks, Andy! I kinda figured there wasn’t one when I couldn’t find any info on Google. No worries, my wife and I have put 11 hours on Mike’s CP-65 and found it to be a very straightforward airplane.

I am preparing a POH for the Collegiate. The preliminary data I have gathered to this point is as follows:

Maximum Speed              108 mph

Cruise Speed                     98 mph

Approach Speed               48 mph

Stall Speed                         37 mph

Climb Rate                         600 fpm

Clear 50’ Obstacle            960 ft.

Service Ceiling                  15,000 ft.

Range                                  300 miles

Gross Wt.                           1200 Lbs.

Empty Wt.                         700 Lbs.  (fuel 13 gal’s , oil 1 gal.)

I am in the process of verifying this data with my CP-65 at KCNO. Any Collegiate owner that would like a copy of the POH when verified and completed send an e-mail request to bob.hayden@indmetfin.com

Vne is 138mph (120 kts), according to the TCDS (https://rgl.faa.gov/Regulatory_and_Guidance_Library/rgMakeModel.nsf....

Every plane's speeds will vary, as over the last eight decades, who knows what has been done to them, so their weights will vary with covering systems, repairs, engines, other systems not installed at the factory, wheel pants, and even tires. Your POH will make a great template for other Collegiate owners, Bob. Thank you!

Thanks for sharing Allen! Where did you find these?

Allen Self said:

Our friend and former club member Richard Finley before he passed.

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