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Can anyone tell me where I might find a good source of drawings for the LP65?  Currently, I need information on the nuts and bolts used to connect the tailwheel leaf spring to the frame and the tailwheel to the leaf spring.  


I was also working on the landing gear and, after removing the shock rubbers, found that our shock slide (pictured below) is damaged.  We're thinking of having it repaired, but I thought that I would check to see if anyone knows where I might be able to purchase a replacement. 


Also, below is a picture of the worn brake linings on our Shinn 6C2HB wheels.  I wasn't sure if the linings that are being sold on the Luscombe Shop website (part # CAS 11-002) are the correct linings.  Unfortunately they are sold out of the rivets.  Is there a better source for these lining and rivets?


Thank you in advance!



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Helloo, Bryant!

How are you and your Pop coming on the old girl?  Were you able to get drawings from Kevin Rankin? Have you figured out the tailwheel yet.  How about the donut holder.  Shinn wheels & brakes were the hot set-up in their time and their reasonable cost made them popular with many light plane manufacturers, so the ones on Luscombes will work on Porterfields.

Soft landings,


Hello Andy!  Your message is timely.  No, we haven't made much progress in the last few months.  My work hit a busy season and dad had knee surgery.  Fortunately, he's feeling better and I'm entering my slow season.  So I will be back on the project soon and will have plenty of time to dedicate to the effort.  Kevin Rankin was not able to find his father's drawings.  After sending the aileron photos to Mark, the person you put me in touch with at goflyitmas@att.net, Mark told me that he had some drawings that he could send me.  I never received any or heard back from him, so I need to get back in touch with him.  I was also going to ask Mark where he's located.  If he's associated with the Old Rhinebeck Museum, then I though about driving to NY to visit him and the museum.  Thank you for the information on the Shinn wheels & brakes.  I'll be sure to look into them.  The first thing I need to do is go back and review the drawings you sent me and get myself back up to speed.  I hope you are doing well?  I really appreciate you staying in touch!

I relined my brake at the first annual after I got it.

For Shinn Wheels, brakes, cables, backing plates brake material:

Skybound Manufacturing Inc, Jim Greene (owner) 770-446-6797 (Euro Exchange Inc.)

I'm pretty sure I got the linings/rivets there. I know I still have a modified drill bit for countersinking the lining for the rivets.

I thought I heard somewhere that there is a rivetless method now, but my memory never was what it used to be.

Thank you David for the brake material information.

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