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1941 Porterfield for sale on Barnstormers.  Anyone know  more about it ?

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Comment by Andy Gelston on December 12, 2019 at 7:44pm

Both Roger and TJ are fellow club members...

Comment by Andy Gelston on December 12, 2019 at 7:42pm

There are two on there, now!

PORTERFIELD CP 65 • $26,000 • AVAILABLE • 1941 Porterfield low time overhaul Continental A65 with new Milinum top end. • Contact Roger Allen, Owner -  located Salem, WI United States • Telephone: 262-221-3495 • Posted December 12, 2019


1941 PORTERFIELD LP-65 • $24,900 • FOR SALE • Airworthy, in-annual museum quality restored WWII primary trainer. Spare overhauled pickled engine. • Contact Thomas Neff - T. J. NEFF AIRCRAFT SALES, Broker -  located Novato, CA United States • Telephone: 415-786-5151 415-898-5151 • Fax: 415-898-5155 • Posted December 9, 2019

The prices are a bit high for Collegiates, but if they’re nice ones, they’re definitely worth it when you compare them to a doggy J-3 Cub, which putts along about 60 and we’re sailing by at 95 on the same power and fuel burn.

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